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From our family to yours.

As long-time locals, when the opportunity to acquire a piece of Polk County history presented itself we couldn't pass it by. As we embark on this historic landscape's next chapter, our mission is to grow grapes with regenerative practices that restore and breathe new life into fields that were once over-farmed and left neglected for many years.

We invite you to join us on our journey as our family comes together in this shared purpose of sustainable stewardship in farming and viticulture.

Jim & Myrna Gulick

West Hills is the result of family coming together with a shared vision. We started West Hills with our three daughters, Lisa, Michelle, and Jennifer. Our vision for West Hills is to make wine that brings people together. A wine that we're proud to share with you, and is made to be shared with those you love. Our estate is designed to be a special gathering place for you and your loved ones to create lasting memories.

Meet the family.

Steven Broncheau

Steven Broncheau is honored to be a part of the vision of West Hills Vineyards. As managing director, Steven looks forward to putting his love and interest in wine and food to use at the vineyard.  With over a decade of experience in nonprofit and event planning experience, he is ready for this new venture into the wine world.


Steven has extensive travel experience throughout Europe, with family living in Germany.  He has an appreciation for the labor and love that goes into wine and has dabbled in the wine industry as a wine pourer, member of wine clubs, and just the simple appreciation of tasting wines throughout his life.

Managing Director
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